Cachet simplifies your life by making insurance personal, transparent and flexible

No small print. No hidden agendas. We offer you personal recommendations, tips on how to improve your coverage and how to pay less.


People don’t own and therefore cannot freely use their insurance history

How many years have you paid for insurance? For property, health, car, travel…How many claims have you issued? How many have you got covered? Insurance companies are supposed to be selling you peace of mind. So how come so few of us know how much we pay for insurance per year and what are we covered for? The insurance data doesn’t travel with a person when moved between insurance providers or countries. You pay a strangers fee or a sum calculated based on market averages. This is visible especially in the smaller markets, resulting in higher insurance costs.


Personal insurance history will travel with you regardless of location and insurance provider

With us, you will have a way to safely collect, store and distribute your insurance data. We will guarantee the integrity of the data, provide a smart application for it, and offer a real-time marketplace for connecting insurance funds with customers.

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